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If you are a spirit led boss woman, who is ready to manifest true abundance with the support of like-minded women, this is for you!


It's no coincidence that you are here right now.

Hi! I'm Evonna McDonald - the creator of The Rise Queen Podcast, Spiritual Practitioner, Transformational Coach & Speaker.


I help women, just like you, get in alignment with their purpose, unleash their inner magic, and receive the prosperity and abundance they deserve. I teach you how to gain holistic success, in your life and business, so that you can break through your limitations and live a prosperous and fulfilled life.


My mission is to empower women all over the world to reach their fullest potential, so they can get in alignment with who they truly are and make a massive impact in the world. 


There are people literally waiting on you to unlock your magic and fulfill your purpose, RIGHT NOW.  It's time to stop being selfish and stop getting in your own way because you are being called to choose FAITH over FEAR.  


Back in 2012 is when I started my own journey of self-discovery, healing, and deeper spiritual connection. With years of daily practice, embracing mistakes & life lessons and actually doing the work, I was able to heal a lot of emotional wounds, gain confidence in who I am, trust God & walk into my purpose. Several years later, I am able to be a fulltime entrepreneur and own three profitable businesses. If I can overcome challenges and rise in the face of adversity, SO CAN YOU!


I don’t do surface level. I facilitate inner work that is transformative at its core for soul-shifting breakthroughs and accelerated growth and transformation. I believe you landed here on purpose. I invite you to join my process in order to evolve instead of settling for an unfulfilled life.



Are you ready to RISE?

Well, i'm glad you asked...

If you are READY to dig deep into your limiting beliefs and get out of your own way, to finally step into your purpose & live the life you desire...


My 90-day transformation coaching program is for you!


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"Most people won't live their best life because they've convinced themselves that their best is only what's in front of them."

- Evonna


I know you...

  • You're tired of the routine & results in your getting in your life. You know there is more, & that you need something different.

  • You get in your own way!- Yes, I'm calling you out because you know you deserve more.

  • You're ready to manifest your vision and dreams but you don't know how.

  • You know you have the potential to be successful, but you need help taking it to the next level...

  • You know you are called for something greater, something bigger than yourself but you're not sure what.


If this sounds like you,

I invite you to join my community and start unleashing the abundance & Prosperity you deserve.


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