Asso Oblivion 100m – Rig body & snoods MQXF606


Asso Oblivion 100m – Rig body & snoods MQXF606

  • With breaking strains from 15lb all the way up to 30lb, these are perfect for all kinds of sea fishing. If these were to ever become warped or bent by a fish, then a gentle pull will see it return to its previous form good as new.
  • You are able to tie knots that are both small and neat as its superb softness lets you tie perfect knots time and time again. Being very soft and supple with no memory means that it is the perfect choice for any hook snood. Especially developed as a hook snood material.


  • Ultra-Soft and Supple
  • Memory Free
  • Super Smooth
  • 100M Spools


  • 15lb – Diameter: 0.40mm – 100m
  • 20lb – Diameter: 0.45mm – 100m
  • 25lb – Diameter: 0.50mm – 100m
  • 30lb – Diameter: 0.55mm – 100m
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