Asso Ultra Cast 4oz – Mono DASW988


Asso Ultra Cast 4oz – Mono DASW988

  • This is available in two high visibility colours, Fluro Yellow and Fluro White. This makes the line ideal for night fishing along with any crowded beaches or piers when it helps to see your line. Its biggest feature is its construction which is a high high-quality polymer with a fluorocarbon coating. Using fluorocarbon coating means a line can offer the benefits of a quality copolymer like suppleness and low memory along with the benefits of Fluorocarbon like high strength, abrasion resistance and added weight to encourage sinking.
  • Normal monofilaments and copolymers absorb water molecules after being wet for a few hours, this reduces the strength by around 15%, a coating of waterproof fluorocarbon prevents this meaning the full strength is retained.
  • 4oz spool.


  • Fluorocarbon Coated Copolymer
  • Supreme knot and linear breaking strength
  • Very high performance thanks to a new copolymer
  • High abrasion resistance and durability
  • Low Stretch and low memory
  • Available in three High Visability Colours


  • 14lb – Diameter: 0.30mm – 1430m
  • 16lb – Diameter: 0.32mm – 1205m
  • 20lb – Diameter: 0.36mm – 917m
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