Fiiish Blaster Shads – ITJJ863


Fiiish Blaster Shads – ITJJ863

Specially developed and perfected following 5 years of extensive testing. These 13cm lures are designed specifically for pike fishing, but will appeal to a wide range of course and sea predators!

Manufactured with the brands unique ‘Player Concept’ that allows you to add and remove weight in the head area. Also including the ‘Player Concept’ stinger treble hook, and retaining quick clip beneath the lure holding the short trace and hook flush with the main body. These versatile lures can be fished at a variety of depths and speeds. The stubby short pattern and exaggerated inverted paddle tail creates plenty of disturbance, even on a slow retrieve.   

Available in three attractive colour schemes.


  • Fiish ‘Player concept’ design
  • Player concept blocks included
  • Player concept stinger hook
  • Quickclip hook retention
  • Guide to using the player concept included

Colours (Top to Bottom Main Image)

  • Piky Kaki
  • Sexy Bream
  • White Coco

Piky Kaki, Sexy Bream, White Coco, Fire Tiger

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