Fiiish Power Tail Lures – Crankbaits & plugs FNHN878


Fiiish Power Tail Lures – Crankbaits & plugs FNHN878

  • This brilliant product is pure genius – it includes new patented technology in the form of a transparent plastic fin disc and hard body, this revelation in design provides a realistic action to entice your catch in, plus it allows for a very slow fall rate and maximum vibration to make it as realistic as possible. It features two types of actions, a straight surface retrieve to mimic top feeding, and a sink and draw that gives life like actions to make the ideal fish enticement.


  • 38mm: Slow Action – Weight: 4g – Fast action Weight: 6.4g
  • 44mm: Slow Action – Weight: 8g
  • 64mm: Slow Action – Weight: 8g

Silver Glitter, Natural Minnow

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