Fox Halo AL350C Rechargeable Headtorch – Headlamps EZOU069


Fox Halo AL350C Rechargeable Headtorch – Headlamps EZOU069

  • This is the most powerful model in the range thanks to the increased five-hundred-lumen capacity when in boost mode. This model is able to be charged on-the-go thanks to the inclusion of a micro USB cable so you no longer have to rummage around in the dark for spare batteries!


  • Five hundred lumens in ‘boost’ mode
  • Adjustable brightness (High-350, Medium-150, Low-25 lumens)
  • Bulb type: 1 x XP-G2 Cree White LED
  • Light unit made from a hardwearing anodised aluminium
  • USB Rechargeable Li-ion battery supplied
  • Also supplied with Micro USB charging cable
  • Single elasticated, adjustable camo head band
  • Battery is positioned at rear in separate case (38mm x 102mm x 35mm), which also features single button operation red light
  • Side operation button for front light
  • Charging status indicator on rear: Red light indicates charging, green light indicates fully charged
  • Weight including battery 190g
  • Important Note: Re-charge battery every 3 months if not being used for a long time. The battery will only reach full performance after a few complete charging and discharging cycles.
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