Gemini Genie Rig Jig – Rig bits – general KBRH223


Gemini Genie Rig Jig – Rig bits – general KBRH223

The Gemini Rig Jig has been designed to lend an extra pair of hands whilst your making up rigs. Once secured to a suitable work surface. it’s ideal for making exact length snoods  Arriving in two parts, the ‘hook stock’ and the ‘grip stock’. The Hook stock has two different gauge wire for retaining hooks swivels etc. when being tied. Whilst the grip stock sprung wire securely holds the line against the rubber pad whilst threading and tying rig components

Comes with 30 Genie Link Clips & 10 Genie Rig Clips included in the pack


  • Place the line under one of the grip stocks wires and then place the component (Hook or swivel) on to the appropriate hook on the hook stock
  • Thread the trapped line through the component (ensuring you pass through enough line to work with approx. – 20cm for the ‘tag end’) and pull it taught
  • You can now complete the grinner knot
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