HTO Labrax Stix – Worms KEZA281


HTO Labrax Stix – Worms KEZA281

  • A pack of 6 devastatingly simple 5.5 inch long bass lures made from a super supple plastic. With a slow sinking action. The natural buoyancy is counteracted by adding 40% salt to the plastic mix before pouring. As a result these cast extremely well and sink down to the fish without the need for an added jighead.
  • Available in two colours, Pink and White.

Key Features

  • Length 5.5” – 16g
  • This simple, yet highly effective design.
  • Made from a supple soft plastic, the material mixture is made up of 40% salt, salt makes the lure less buoyant and heavier.
  • A long casting lure with a quick sink rate to get down to the fish fast.
  • Can be fished weightless or with a jighead if needed.
  • 6 per pack.

Solid Pink, Solid White

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