HTO Schlugg – Worms RPDW825


HTO Schlugg – Worms RPDW825

  • A pack of 6 versatile plastic worms, suitable for a wide variety of both sea and coarse fish. Designed by Jake Schogler to be fished with drop shotting rigs, jigheads, Texas weedless or simply with just a hook. The ultra-soft lures give an amazing natural movement through the water and are scented for increased attraction. Available in two colours, white and ragworm.

Key Features

  • Length 4.5”
  • Designed by renowned light lure angler, Jake Schogler.
  • Capable of being rigged in a multitude of different ways including drop shot, jig head, Texas, Carolina and can even be fished weightless.
  • Designed to mimic slim bait fish or ragworm in pursuit of sea species such as bass, pollack and wrasse, works well in freshwater, especially for perch.
  • Made from ultra-soft material giving a great natural movement, scented to encourage bites as well as to get the fish to hold on to the lure for longer.
  • 6 per pack.

Ragworm, Pearl White

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