Inova Bait Elastic – DJBA697


Inova Bait Elastic – DJBA697

  • These will cover all manner of different angling techniques and will catch the angler plenty more fish by keeping their presentations looking their best. Works wonders when used in conjunction with their specialised distributor.
  • Light – Orange: Very fine for the angler that likes to present their hooks as naturrally as possible. The light is also much easier to take off the hook, and can be put on the most delicate presentations around. Ideal for Plaice – Dab – Gurnards – Rockling – etc.
  • Medium – Green: Slightly heavier, it’s an all-round design, perfect for small to medium sizes that need more securing to the hook. Bass – Codling – Pollock – Wrasse – etc.


  • Superior presentation
  • Secures when casting
  • Colour coded strength
  • Easy to remove
  • High Quality
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