LED Lenser SEO 7R Rechargeable HeadLamp – Headlamps JMXA013


LED Lenser SEO 7R Rechargeable HeadLamp – Headlamps JMXA013

  • LED Lenser SEO 7R Lamp BLUE – Now, get the technology you want in a compact, lightweight and rechargeable design.
  • You know your performance isn’t quite a question of strength. Being out and about means being concentrated, taking every step fearlessly and un-hurriedly. The wilderness of nature with all its storms is just as familiar to you as the pleasantries of civilisation. You and your SEO 7R experience both. And every time you charge it, you know you are helping to protect something that means a lot to you. When you go out, you enjoy taking your flashlight with you because it unites design, performance and environmentally friendly technology.
  • Built into the pivoting head is our German engineered OPTISENSE Technology. This allows the SEO 7R to sense the light level in your surrounding area and adjust its brightness automatically, helping you to save battery life and provide just the right amount of light when you need it – hands free!
  • The SEO 7R comes with a USB compatible charging cable that can be used on the battery independently of the light, so you can still run your light with standard alkaline batteries while charging on the side.
  • The SEO 7R really is a premium headlamp for any adventure. 

LED Lenser SEO Series

  • LED Lenser SEO stands for a young, exciting headtorch range with bright colours, a cool design and excellent lighting power. Thanks to the spectacular packaging and innovative forms, the models are also designed to appeal to a completely new target group. The potential SEO customer is active, sporty and self confident with their own style.
  • The LED Lenser SEO series does justice to the needs of this group. In addition to the shape, the lamps are characterised by their low weight and innovative functions, for example the OPTISENSE technology of the LED Lenser SEO7R.
  • A LED Lenser SEO is as colourful and unique as the people who want to use it: Everyone can find their own colour, functional scope and, at the end of the day, their own price in the SEO Series.
  • LED Lenser Advanced Focus System –
  • Traditionally light focusing systems have consisted of either a lens, or a reflector. Lenses have the advantage of emitting a homogenous light pattern for distances almost 70% of the light is scattered and lost.
  • Conversely, while reflectors do a better job of capturing a higher percentage of light for long distances, when they are used for up close reading scattered light causes “rings” and “holes” in the light pattern leading to eye fatigue.
  • In both these cases, the lumen count (brightness) loses its validity as light is misdirected and wasted. That’s why we decided to try something different.
  • If you pull together the strengths of the lens and reflector into one combined system, you achieve clear, homogeneous light spill for up close reading and a sharply focused beam for long distance viewing.
  • This is exactly what we’ve done with the Advanced Focus System (AFS); a unique and patented lens/reflector optic. AFS means reading the map up close is easy on the eyes and then focusing to find the path or landmark in the distance, clear and bright.


  • Glare free red light
  • Advanced focus system
  • Smart light technology (smart LED protection)
  • Optisense technology
  • 2 light colours: white (general)/red (night vision)
  • Rotating lamp head
  • High end heat sink technology
  • Key lock system
  • Adjustable headband (exchangeable & washable)
  • High comfort level
  • Transport securing mechanism
  • Low weight


  • LED: 1 x high end power LED (white) + 1 x high end LED (red)
  • Lumens: 220 (white)/20 (red)
  • Beam distance: 130m (white)/40m (red)
  • Burn time: 5h (white)/20h (red)
  • Focus: advanced system with speed focus (spot/flood)
  • On/Off: push button
  • Energy tank: 3.2Wh
  • Power supply: 1 x Li-ion battery (included)
  • IPX rating: 6 
  • Technical data: ANSI FL1
  • Weight: 3.28oz | 105g
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