Mustad Lead Quick Link – Clips, links & connectors GFGF674


Mustad Lead Quick Link – Clips, links & connectors GFGF674

  • Mustad, who has been the world’s leading hook manufacturer for more than 100 years, has high ambitions for their renewed efforts in the sport fishing business. Throughout the last year, the company has spent quite a lot of money and resources on product development, not only of fish hooks, but also of other types of fishing tackle. The most recent product range is called Rig & Surf – a range of saltwater rigging accessories. As usual, Mustad has emphasised high quality in their development of the Rig & Surf range.
  • Mustad Rig & Surf is a wide range. The saltwater rigging accessories include lead links, with and without bait clips, traces links, bait clips, crimpable swivels and booms, booms, special swivel pearls, tubes and sequins: whatever is needed to make surf casting, boat fishing or rock fishing traces.

Mustad 9953 Lead Quick Link

  • Sinkers quick link, the quickest lead release link. – 10 per pack 
  • Available in small and large.
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