Power Pro Braid – XEIL857


Power Pro Braid – XEIL857

  • A great innovation from over the pond – this is the go-to braid for most anglers looking for a reliable, strong and low diameter solution for many different styles of fishing.
  • What is there not to like about Power Pro braid? It’s tough as hell, very dependable, fishes great and it just plain works. A fantastic line that continues to serve many anglers very well.

Excellent Line Management

  • Won’t bury in the spool
  • Picks up less water
  • Spools and packs better on any reel
  • No reel memory

Structually superior

  • Reduces wind knots, backlashes, guide and rod tip wrap overs
  • Ties more easily and holds knots better
  • Near zero stretch
  • Unbelievable strength-to-diameter ratio

Smoother and slicker

  • Sails effortlessly through guides for longer casts
  • Resists abrasion by equipment or natural hazards
  • Won’t cut guides
  • Maintains performance over time

Available In:

Hi-Vis Yellow – Both 135m and 275m

  • 11lb/5kg – 0.10mm
  • 18lb/8kg – 0.13mm
  • 20lb/9kg – 0.15mm

Moss Green – 275m Only

  • 11lb/5kg – 0.10mm
  • 18lb/8kg – 0.13mm
  • 20lb/9kg – 0.15mm
  • 29lb/13kg – 0.19mm
  • 33lb/15kg – 0.23mm
  • 44lb/20kg – 0.28mm

Hi-Vis Yellow, Moss Green

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