Rapala Max Rap 13cm – Crankbaits & plugs OTIW977


Rapala Max Rap 13cm – Crankbaits & plugs OTIW977

  • Tip to tail, everything about this amazing lure is premium. Designed for maximum casting distances even into a howling wind, it features an aerodynamic body shape and a patented internal MaxCast mechanism with tungsten balls that ensure long and accurate casts, cast after cast.
  • The suspending, shallow running MaxRap has a wide rolling action and it runs true at a variety of speeds. Other prominent features include internal laser etched scale, deep 3D holographic eyes and premium VMC Spark Point hooks. A premium all-round lure for all shallow water applications.

How to Fish

  • The MaxRap will run at less than one meter at all speeds and can be retried very fast without broaching. On a steady retrieve you will get a hard-flashing wounded minnow Rapala wobble. For additional action and attraction, use a ripping retrieve sweeping the rod fast to the side to achieve a wild searching action. For reluctant fish, take advantage of the MaxRap’s suspending feature and use a stop-and-go retrieve with long pauses.


  • Internal MaxCast Mechanism
  • Balanced with Tungstem balls for accuracy
  • Aerodynamic body shape
  • Premium VMC Spark Point Hooks
  • Suspending on pause
  • Oval line tie
  • Internal laser etched scales
  • Deep 3D hologragraphic eyes
  • Hand tuned & tank tested


  • Running Depth: 0.3-0.9m
  • Body Length: 13cm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Hooks: Three No. 6

Flake Blue, Live Blue Mackerel, Flake Silver

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