Savage 3D Line Thru Sandeels – Crankbaits & plugs PCYB518


Savage 3D Line Thru Sandeels – Crankbaits & plugs PCYB518

  • These swim with a seducing slim S-curve heading slightly up. On the spin stop, the lures flutter and roll backwards like it was really fleeing for its life and trying to dig itself into the sand. When on the twitch, the lure will dart erratically and flash, it is incredibly lifelike.
  • They have carefully studied the swimming action and behaviour of the real life creature in order to tweak this lure – and the result is incredible!
  • The Body is made of super strong ABS and has incredible details! The unique inside spear ensures very long casting distances – even in windy conditions. The system makes for perfect presentation and ensures that the predator fish cannot use the weight of the lure to throw the hook.


  • 1x Glow bead
  • 1x UV Red bead
  • 1x Glass clear bead
  • 1x Matt black oval split ring
  • 1x Wide gape, forged ultra-sharp big eye single hook with a DG stealth finish
  • 1x High carbon steel Y-treble with a DG stealth finish


  • Length: 8.5cm – Weight: 11g – Action: Sinking
  • Length: 11.0cm – Weight: 15g – Action: Sinking
  • Length: 12.5cm – Weight: 19g – Action: Sinking
  • Length: 15.0cm – Wight: 27g – Action: Sinking

Sandeel, Motor Oil UV, Sandeel Ghost

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