Savage 4D Herring Shads – FLLT656


Savage 4D Herring Shads – FLLT656

  • These 4th dimension lures feature detailed prints and a predator provoking scent!
  • Each design has been tested and tuned to perfection, with updates to the front to give better jig heads a much better hold. The soft eyes are firmly implanted, and the additional of a tail rattle really enhances the profile!


  • 4D Photo Chrome Skin Print
  • Strike triggering scent
  • Tail Rattle or pellet slot
  • Soft eyes
  • Hook guide in mouth
  • Super flanking action
  • Sold in SINGLES


  • Length: 11cm – Weight: 9g
  • Length: 13cm – Weight:13g



Roach, Perch, Firetiger

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