Savage Gravity Stick Paddletails – Sandeels YQAD805


Savage Gravity Stick Paddletails – Sandeels YQAD805

6 per pack, these have an awesome swimming action creating maximum disturbance as it passes through the water on the retrieve. You can tailor these lures by adding an attractive rattle, and extra weight into two purpose slots on the belly and tail. You can also easily add a weedless hook with a slot cut in the top to take a buried hookpoint.


  • High specific gravity
  • High salt content
  • Slot for rattle in belly
  • Slot for insert weight in tail
  • Perfected for use with our 6/0 weedless hooks
  • Long-casting soft lures, each with a very different and unique action
  • Fish the lures with or without belly-weights
  • 6 worms per pack
  • 14cm in length

White, Wagasaki, Khaki

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