Savage Gravity Stick Pulsetails – Sandeels YPOP703


Savage Gravity Stick Pulsetails – Sandeels YPOP703

6 per pack, these are highly agile and with a continuous twitching action when worked through the water. Available in white or darker wakasagi colours and highly versatile with a rattle slot in the belly so you can add an appealing audible attraction. Dense enough to cast and sink on their own, there’s also a slot in the tail designed so you can add extra casting weight should you need it. A ready made slot along the back is perfect for locating the point of a weedless hook!  


  • High specific gravity
  • High salt content
  • Slot for rattle in belly
  • Slot for insert weight in tail
  • Perfected for use with our 6/0 weedless hooks
  • Long-casting soft lures, each with a very different and unique action
  • Fish the lures with or without belly-weights
  • 14cm long
  • 6 Worms per pack

White, Wagasaki, Khaki

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