Savage Minnows – ACOM818


Savage Minnows – ACOM818

Ultra realistic detailed designs with a lively kicking tail pattern. Coming with one jighead, and two replacement tails per pack. The weighted jig heads give a perfect rise and fall swimming action and can also be teased across the bottom with the buoyancy of the main body lifting enticingly. Pre fitted with a glass rattle inside for even more appeal and featuring the Pro Peg system that allows you to secure the main body of your lure to a jig-head with a wooden toothpick. A great option for Perch, Chub and Zander but equally deadly for species like bass and  mackerel from your local beach.  


  • Super realistic details
  • Lively kicking action on retrieve and drop
  • Stand-up and rise jig head design
  • Forged carbon steel hook with tin finish in #1/0 or #3/0
  • Removable glass raffle in body
  • Pro Peg holder for effective hold
  • Spare tail included
  • Toothpicks supplied for Pro Peg mount


  • Length 10cm – Weight 20g
  • Length 12.5cm – Weight 35g

Green Silver, Khaki, White Pearl Silver

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