Savage Sandeel V2 – Sandeels ENKB613


Savage Sandeel V2 – Sandeels ENKB613

As near perfect as a lure can be. With a soft plastic main body with plenty of flex and super realistic features. These come packaged with a spare tail section, keeping you fishing if you manage to loose the first when you’re playing a fish.  Ideal for casting to bass and other species from boat and shore. There are a range of sizes, colours and casting weights to give you plenty of options to match the conditions your racing on the day. With a lively tail action on the retrieve. These are great for sink and draw methods over sand and cleaner ground where hungry bass will hit them with confidence.  


  • Super realistic details
  • Lively kicking action on both retrieve and drop
  • Darting jig head design
  • Forged carbon steel hook in tin finish in #3/0 – 4/0 – 5/0 – 6/0
  • Removable glass rattle in body
  • Pro Peg holder for effective hold
  • Spare tail included
  • Toothpicks supplied for Pro Peg mount


  • Length 12cm – Weight 22g – Tail length 9.5cm
  • Length 14cm – Weight 33g – Tail length 11cm
  • Length 15.5cm – Weight 46g –  Tail Length 12.5cm

Green Silver, Khaki, White Pearl Silver, Blue Pearl Silver, Lemon Back, Pink Pearl Silver

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