Storm 360 Degree GT Coastal Biscay Shads – JPAQ706


Storm 360 Degree GT Coastal Biscay Shads – JPAQ706

  • A realistic range of soft plastic lures with an amazing swimming action on the retrieve. Ready mounted to fish weedless, the point of the hook is exposed when a fish takes the lure. Ideal for tackling snaggy congested areas where predators prefer to hunt. Available in 9cm 19g and 12cm 40g sizes and a range of colour options.
  • 2 per pack


  • Swims even more realistic than other soft lures on the market
  • Weedless hook for fishing in congested areas
  • Designed for fast fishing, even in the wind
  • Very marked rolling and attractive light signals
  • Phthalate free
  • Details of scales and colours very realistic
  • VMC® Hook


  • Blue Mackerel – Length 9cm – 19g
  • Blue Mackerel – Length 12cm – 40g
  • Mullet – Length 9cm – 19g
  • Mullet – Length 12cm – 40g
  • Sandeel – Length 9cm – 19g
  • Sandeel – Length  12cm – 40g

Blue Mackerel, Mullet, Sandeel

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