Sunset Amnesia Mono – Rig body & snoods AOJS865


Sunset Amnesia Mono – Rig body & snoods AOJS865

  • Tangle resistant, easy to tie, ‘memory free’ –  these are just a few of the many things that make this stunning line superb for various disciplines of fishing, especially for sea fishing to create the perfect snood or rig. The memory free features allows you to quickly pull or tighten it, allowing it to bounce back into place, maintaining is straightness and thus, making it brilliant with carp anglers in mind for their Hi-Tec stiff rigs.


  • 10lb – 100m Spool
  • 15lb – 100m Spool
  • 20lb – 100m Spool
  • 25lb – 100m Spool
  • 30lb – 100m Spool
  • 40lb – 100m Spool
  • 50lb – 50m Spool
  • 60lb – 50m Spool
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