Tronix Pro Axia Monofilament – JMDP114


Tronix Pro Axia Monofilament – JMDP114

This next generation is a tough abrasion resistant monofilament line covering various disciplines from sea angling and carp fishing, to pike and predator fishing. With a multitude of colour options to choose from, you can pick a colour that suits the waters you’ll be fishing. With additional properties of low stretch, low friction and high knot strength. This really is a universal mainline with all the abilities and attributes of more expensive brands, at a much more realistic price.

Available in Clear, Brown, Green & Red colours


  • Abrasion resistance
  • High Knot strength
  • Low stretch
  • Low friction


  • B/Strain 10lb – Spool size 1275m – Diameter 0.30mm
  • B/Strain 12lb – Spool size 1157m – Diameter 0.32mm
  • B/Strain 15lb – Spool size 1005m – Diameter 0.35mm
  • B/Strain 18lb – Spool size 960m   – Diameter 0.38mm
  • B/Strain 20lb – Spool size 770m   – Diameter 0.40mm



Brown, Clear, Green, Red

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