Ultima Memor-X Snood Line 100m – Rig bits – general QAZU365


Ultima Memor-X Snood Line 100m – Rig bits – general QAZU365

  • New Memor-X has been engineered to be better presenting than any other snood line. Suitable for any kind of hook lengths when casting or boat fishing, Memor-X ties small neat knots and delivers exceptional presentation. The low stretch factor aids bite detection and eliminates deformation thus maintaining presentation cast after cast. Memor-X® is highly abrasion resistant and will cope with the rigors of rough and unpredictable conditions with ease.
  • A remarkable product 100m per spool.

Presents Perfectly

  • Memor-X has been designed for making perfect hook snoods and leaders, as a gentle but firm tug makes the line dead straight. Memor-X® also produces small, neat knots that bed down beautifully, and snoods that stand out straight from the rig body.

No Memory

  • Memor-X has been engineered with the lowest possible memory, making it perfect for any type of hook snood, rig or leader.

Ultra Strong

  • The unique copolymer formulation of Memor-X® provides exceptional linear and knot strength for optimum performance.

Abrasion Resistant

  • Memor-X has been developed with high abrasion resistance to deliver maximum reliability in the most demanding conditions.
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